Global Youth Mission Korea Reaches Out to the Homeless

By Lina P. Nov 21, 2017

On November 8, 2017, members of Global Youth Mission Korea had the opportunity to take part in a service project to help the homeless at Seoul Station. Tae Hyun K. (10), Erica K. (10), Michelle K. (11), Jinny P.(11), Jaydon H. (11), and Lina P. (11) worked hard to serve food to nearly 100 homeless people who came to the center, as well as wash the trays and clean the tables. They also donated handmade goodie bags, which consisted of socks, hot packs, snacks, juice boxes, and heartfelt letters of encouragement.

The event was in line with the theme that Global Youth Mission Korea was pursuing for the quarter: reaching out to the homeless and people of low-income communities. During the time, members also had a chance to reflect after watching an informational video that portrayed the various struggles and stereotypes homeless people in Korea face in their everyday lives.

As members of Global Youth Mission Korea continue to carry out service projects that impact both the local and global community, they now seek to hold a donation drive at YISS to gather items to donate to a charity organization called the Beautiful Store. Stay tuned for information about how you can help out this good cause!

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