Book Swap Finds New Homes for 1,500 Used Books

Mar 20, 2018
parent, kids, and books

For many bibliophiles, one of the hardest things to dispose of is books. Books are too valuable to simply throw away. Each winter, the YISS PTO organizes a book swap to provide reading material for book lovers in the YISS community. It was no coincidence that the dates of the event coincided with the annual ES Read-a-Thon and MS Reading Appreciation Program in February.


For the 2018 edition of the swap, over 1,500 books spanning different genres and reading levels were dropped off in the designated bins in the main lobby by students, parents, and teachers from January 15 to February 8. The books were then “swapped” or selected by participants on February 27 and 28. The Book Swap Committee was pleased to donate many of the remaining books to several of the YISS GOES Spring Break teams so that they can use or share them with others who will enjoy them.

kids and books

Many thanks to the YISS PTO Book Swap Committee members and parent volunteers for making Book Swap a valuable event to support reading.

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