YISS Volleyball Impresses with Sportsmanship and Grit

By Emily Flaget, Craig Mooi, and Reba Nelson Nov 10, 2020

We are very thankful for being able to have a volleyball season in the midst of a pandemic. The season has been challenging in many ways but also brought about a sense of routine for those of us on the team. Varsity boys’ volleyball has an amazing team with a lot of potential, and it was great to see them compete on the court. Some obstacles to the season included adjusting to Covid-Guidelines, playing with masks, shorter games (best of 3 instead of 5), and missing a month of practice right after tryouts.

Despite these challenges, there were some great highlight moments that included Danny jumping off the wall in a game, and a ridiculous tandem that stopped everyone in the gym. There were some big sparks of skill on this team and when we were on, we were unstoppable. We improved significantly in the short time we had and left everything on the floor. Another highlight is that we were recognized for the sportsmanship award this season. This is a testament to the boys' attitudes and desire to just play the game.

We leave the 20-21 season with our heads held high and thankful for the fact that we can say we had a volleyball season this year. We are also thankful for the senior practices we were able to have and to strengthen the bonds with the girls' team. Lastly, we missed the fans in the stands but knew people were watching and cheering for us so thank you to everyone for your support.

The VGV team had an interesting start to their season, as tryouts finished and YISS went virtual shortly after. For weeks, the team was apart and completing virtual practices. Upon their return to campus, the girls had a quick 2 days of practice before their very first game. The girls had a champion attitude and didn’t let this stop them from completing their season well. VGV worked hard throughout their season and emerged as the regular season champions and the KAIAC tournament champions. During their season, the girls only lost one set and never lost a game, finishing undefeated and winning the KAIAC tournament.

The JV girls’ team was a relatively young team. They started the season by working hard on passing and serving. It was a tough start to the season with a loss at TCIS. However, the girls did not let that stop them from practicing with intensity, focus, and passion. With this being a young team, there were a couple of times where players moved positions to help meet the needs of our team. They won a set against Chadwick which was one of the highlights of the season.