YISS Hosts 8th Annual All-Ages Spring Swim Invitational

By Tim Linn May 30, 2018
YISS Swimmers

Throughout the ‘18-’19 school year, YISS participated in six all-ages swim competitions. These competitions offered unique opportunities for all students in kindergarten-12th grade to test their abilities and improve on their personal best times. Saturday, May 19 was the last all-ages swim competition of the year, and it was hosted at YISS. Two hundred and twenty athletes from YISS, Chadwick, SFS, SIS, and Dulwich attended the competition.


The swim meet was very high energy and spirited as parents, swimmers, and other spectators cheered on the athletes to do their best. As swimmers finished their races, they were awarded prizes for achieving personal best times. It was great to see the joy and satisfaction of the students as they received their rewards and recognition of personal improvement.


Large competitions such as these all-ages swim meets take a lot of planning and many volunteers to be successful. A big thank you goes to all the volunteers that made this event possible.

All YISS swimmers are encouraged to keep training and stay active over the summer as there are many more competitions to come next school year!

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