Varsity Girls Soccer Sticks Together Despite Disappointments

By Brandon Trevino May 10, 2019
Varsity Girls Soccer 2019

At the beginning of the 2019 varsity girls soccer season, Coach Trevino told the team that the season would be like a roller coaster, filled with highs and lows. But through it all he, expected them to stick together as a team. He expected them to always be there for each other. Throughout the season, the girls’ varsity soccer team did experience many highs full of laughter and some lows filled with tears. Yet through it all, the team stuck together. Truth be told, Coach Trevino had never coached a team that went through the amount of on-field disappointments that this team went through, yet the girls on the team never blamed or stopped supporting each other. They proved over and over again what it meant to be good teammates.

Varsity Girls Soccer 2019

One of Coach Trevino’s favorite memories from this season is when senior forward Jenny K. scored her first goal. It was great to watch Jenny celebrate on the field, but when he turned and looked at the bench, he noticed that freshman Anne L. had tears of joy in her eyes because one of her teammates got her first goal. At half time, Anne and others continued to smile with pride for their teammate who worked hard all season and was rewarded for that hard work. This is just one example of what makes this group special. On the field, they may not have achieved all of their goals, but the life lessons they have learned and the ways they have grown as teammates has led Coach Trevino to believe that this was a successful season.

Varsity Girls Soccer 2019

Congratulations to the following award winners:
ACSC All-Tournament – Gracie P. (12)
KAIAC All-Conference – Jojo P. (10), Megan P. (10)
KAIAC All-Tournament – Jojo P. (10), Megan P. (10), Gracie P. (12), Brigitte L. (12), Adeline K. (11)
KAIAC Plate Tournament Defensive Player – Jojo P. (10)

Varsity Girls Soccer 2019

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