Track & Field Embraces Motto of “Total Release”

By Amy Atkinson May 9, 2018

The Track & Field team made history in its second official season as a varsity sport, with the boys taking silver for KAIAC and bronze for ACSC, and the girls taking bronze for KAIAC and silver for ACSC. Due to track & field’s diverse, technical nature, it can take years to develop a strong team as there are over 15 events varying in running, jumping, throwing, sprinting, and hurdling. Yet, this young team of 36 members and only three seniors truly epitomized the team motto of “total release” throughout the season.


The phrase “total release” talks about the idea that winning is not just measured by awards but by your ability to consistently put all your energy, focus, and discipline into your athletic pursuits. Further, it is not so much self-focused as others’ focused. You train for the benefit of not only yourself but also your teammates and compete in a way that tests your mental and physical limits. This year’s track & field team took the theme and literally ran with it, as athletes continually set personal bests, fought back from injury, and approached “Tough Tuesday Trainings” with tenacity. The group was successful because they truly “owned” their performance and sought to improve, grow, and encourage their teammates. More impressive than the team standings and individual accomplishments, was the team camaraderie, work ethic, and character that was noticed by other teams’ coaches and parents, especially at the championship meet.


In the last event of the season, the boys and girls 4x400m relay teams sealed 2nd place in two of the most exciting races of the season. They beat their opponents in the last meter of the race (sophomore Sean R. and freshman Ariana B. had incredible anchor leg performances following the strong legs of their teammates: Seungmin B. (10), Andy N. (10), Henry H. (9); Audrey C. (10), Jungeun S. (11), and Maya R. (10)). It was inspiring to see the whole team cheer on these athletes with pride and excitement as they witnessed each runner’s effort contribute to the success of the entire team.


The team’s accolades were not limited to the relays. Senior Samson D. defended his titles in the discus and shot put, finishing in the top 10 of the Pacific region, and Maya R. (10) captured the gold in the high jump in her first season to try the event. Silver medals went to the boys 4x800m relay team - Joshua S. (12), Andy K. (12), Andy N. (10), and Ian C. (9). The bronze finishes included 100m hurdles - Gayoon C. (11), 300m hurdles - Sean R. (10), 800m and 1600m - Joshua S. (12), 1600m - Ariana B. (9), long jump - Andy K. (12), high jump - Henry H. (9), discus - Allison P. (11), and 4x800m relay - Allison P. (11), Sofia K. (10), Maya H. (11), and Ariana B. (9).

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