Spring Invitational Wraps Up Record-Breaking Swim Season

Jun 1, 2017

On the third Saturday in May, YISS hosted its 7th annual Spring Invitational, an all-ages swim competition. Swimmers from Chadwick International and Seoul Foreign School joined YISS students to swim in the last competition of the school year. This school year (16-17) has been a big one for swimming. Many YISS athletes broke their own personal records, the YISS All-Time Top 5 records, and even school records! For each best time the individual athletes earned, they received a ticket that could be redeemed for various prizes at the awards table.

Throughout the meet, YISS team spirit was on display as athletes of all ages cheered for each other. Seasoned swimmers encouraged younger and new swimmers, helping them prepare for their events. All the while, the competition ran smoothly thanks to the help of awesome parents who served as chaperones, marshalls, and lane timers.

Coach Linn, Coach Stallings, Coach Ha, and Coach Sarmiento hope the summer provides time to continue to be in the water and practice. Swimming is a year-round sport, and the best way to keep improving is to just keep swimming!

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