YISS Well-Represented at KIMEA Solo & Ensemble Festival

By Lynelle Harding May 25, 2018

YISS was well-represented at the KIMEA Solo and Ensemble Festival held at Dwight School of Seoul on Saturday, April 28. The students prepared solo or small ensemble pieces and performed them for a judge. The judge then gave a rating of “merit,” “bronze,” “silver,” or “gold,” and a few select students were presented with an award of superior excellence known as the “platinum” rating.

Congratulations to the following students:

6th Grade String Ensemble (silver): Daniel C., Faith K., Athena R., Emily S.

6th Grade Duo (gold): Tiffany K. and Chloe L.


7th Grade Chamber Strings Ensemble (gold): Gina K., Grace K., Harene K., Erin K., Hamin L.

Middle School Soloists:
Nicole S. (8), vocal, platinum
Gina S. (7), violin, platinum

High School Soloists:
Soohyun R. (12), vocal, platinum
Hannah L. (10), flute, platinum
Annie N. (10), violin, silver
Erica C. (9), violin, silver
Ellie K. (9), vocal, gold
Daniel K. (9), violin, bronze
Sean L. (9), saxophone, silver
Haeli R. (9), flute, platinum
Jenny S. (9), violin, gold

HS Soloists

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