YISS Theatre Takes Risks with And Then There Were None

By Dr. JL Murdoch Nov 13, 2017

This year, the YISS theatre department’s fall production was Agatha Christie’s bestselling murder mystery, And Then There Were None. As the curtain went up on the evening of Friday, November 3, three months of student preparation played out on the stage. Opening night was an especially big moment for those involved because it was the first script performed in five years that was long enough to have an intermission. It was also the first script that had far more talking than movement or music. This meant that there were a daunting number of lines for actors to learn. In addition, with so much talking, there was a big risk that the audience would get bored if the characters were not developed fully and the pacing of the show did not increase the tension correctly.

Long hours of rehearsal, costume shopping, searching for set pieces, and timing lighting, sound, and projection cues finally paid off as the cast and crew listened to the audience respond to the production as more and more characters died, and then, at last, the murderer was revealed. The audience was the final piece of the puzzle, and hearing all of the responses from those who came to the show was an exciting and rewarding conclusion to the process for the tech crew, actors, and production staff on And Then There Were None. Thank you to everyone who came to support the show!


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