YISS Theatre’s ‘Edge of the World’ Keeps Patrons Mesmerized

By Alyssa Terry Nov 27, 2018
Myths Dragons

After months of preparation, the YISS Theatre department’s two-night performance of The Myths at the Edge of the World showcased oral traditions from Asia, the Americas, and Africa. For this show, students not only rehearsed narration and dialogue but even choreographed a stage combat scene for one of the climactic moments. The performance also featured entrances and exits from the aisles of the auditorium, which made practicing transitions crucial to the flow of the story.

Myths Campers

The cast rallied together for opening night with more experienced students practicing lines and encouraging first time performers in the wings. Soaking in the audience’s laughter was a new experience for some, and it fueled the desire to perfect the comedic timing of lines. To later hear that younger patrons of the show were on the edge of their seats was even more rewarding than the applause of the house! From the first lines to the last bow, we hope the YISS community enjoyed these stories and the cultures they represent.

Myths Cast

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