YISS Students Perform in DukYoung Charity Concert

Nov 28, 2018
DukYoung Foundation Charity Concert

The DukYoung Foundation held a concert in October to raise funds for the publication of braille music for musicians who are blind. YISS students Moonjoung C. (11), Irene G. (11), and Rachel K. (4) were recognized by the DukYoung Foundation for their participation and performances in the concert.

The DukYoung Foundation is a non-profit educational organization that was established in 1996 with the goal of creating a bright future for young people. The foundation’s charity concert not only enables the publication of braille music books so that people who are visually-challenged can systematically study music but also raises greater awareness about the difficulties that those with physical challenges face. With donations from 800 donors, this year’s concert raised funds for the publication of five braille books: Fundamentals of Music Theory 1–5. These books will be donated to schools, public libraries, and the visually-impaired in Korea.

The 2018 charity concert included 82 performers from both local and international schools throughout Korea. YISS junior Moonjoung C. performed Tarantelle in C Major Op. 24: Presto on her cello, and she was honored with the DukYoung Good Deeds Award. Another YISS junior, Irene G., performed Les Larmes de Jacqueline in C Minor by J. Offenback on her cello, and she was honored with the DukYoung Community Service Award.

YISS 4th grader Rachel K. performed La Candeur by F. Burgmuller on the piano. She shared how nervous she felt before getting up on stage to play the piano in front of everyone but was pleased to use her love for music to help others. She said, “I was happy because I was able to help people who are visually-challenged, and I would love to join the braille music publication concert again.” YISS is proud to have our students use their time and talents to serve and invest in others in ways like this.

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