YISS Bands Spread Joy to the World

By Tori Palmer Dec 17, 2018
Band Christmas Concert

On December 4, the YISS bands took the stage with their concert Joy to the World. There were five bands who performed, beginning with the 6th grade band and ending with the high school jazz band. The 6th grade band is made up of students of varying levels, some who have been playing their instruments for a few years already, and others who just starting playing their instruments this school year. The varied ability level makes song selection a bit difficult, but the determination of this concert band brought them to a level ready for performance, in both Christmas and non-Christmas songs.

Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble, the other two middle school groups, showed their strengths on the stage, followed by a combined piece entitled "And to All a Good Night." This piece featured each section of the band, giving everyone a chance at the melody and the spotlight.

Band Christmas Concert

High School Concert Band started their portion of the evening with a famous piece accredited to Albinoni, "Adagio," followed by a touching narrative piece on the historical event on "The Trail of Tears" and the journey of the Cherokee Indians through the cold winter weather. To bring the focus back to the Christmas-themed evening, they continued on with a Christmas ballad entitled "All is Well." Jazz band joined them on the stage for their final piece, "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!"

Band Christmas Concert

Jazz Band finished off the evening with four Christmas pieces. The first two were familiar tunes from the old classic animation, A Charlie Brown Christmas, featuring soloists throughout the band. The final two pieces were familiar Christmas carols set to a new beat with a little holiday spice added. The evening provided variety and intensity in the songs, finishing off the night with the concert title song, "Joy to the World."

To view the concert, click here.

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