Shakespeare Meets Korean Theater in A Comedy of Errors

Apr 25, 2017

On April 21 and 22, the YISS Theater Department put on its annual spring production. While the department had chosen musicals for the past few years, this year, the production was an adaptation of a Shakespearean comedy. A Comedy of Errors was a joyful and creative exploration of Korean traditional culture and one of the Bard's most hysterical comedies.

The show was like no other Shakespearean play that had ever been performed. The setting was shifted to Busan, Korea and directed in the traditional theater style of Talchum, which involved traditional Korean instruments, dancing, and costumes. The plot summary provided to the audience ahead of time, the supertitles, and the interactive nature of the show made it a highly accessible and enjoyable performance for audiences of all ages. Students learned a significant amount of context and skill while rehearsing for the show, and their hard work was evident to all who attended.

For those who missed the performance or for those who would like to view it again, visit the YISS YouTube channel for the opening night's performance.

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