Fifth Graders Surprise Teachers and Staff with Portraits

By Samantha Jones Oct 13, 2020

During virtual learning, fifth graders worked on a huge project to surprise the ES teachers and staff. The classes did a unit on portraits, in which they learned about different portrait artists, did additional research on their own, and chose the ES teacher or staff member that they would paint. Students were tasked, not only with drawing their teachers, but also with keeping this project a surprise.

Each student chose one of their favorite teachers; then used their best portrait-making materials at home to paint or draw the teacher or staff member. If students needed extra supplies, they could pick up painting paper, watercolor paints, or brushes from the front desk. They completed the projects all at home while learning about two important Elements of Art: value and line. 

After returning to on-campus learning, the students brought their finished projects to school or sent in a photo to print out. The portraits were revealed as a mural in the cafeteria on October 12, a fun surprise for the teachers and staff who make such a difference in the lives of our students.