Choir Christmas Cantata Celebrates the Birth of the Prince of Peace

By Sarah Lee Dec 11, 2018
Choir Christmas Cantata

“In the beginning was the word. The Word - Holy, Sacred. Just. Eternal. God in Christ. Christ in God. In the beginning. And suddenly the word was flesh. Incarnate. Human. Breakable. Common. Morning light into darkness. And that life-light blazed out of the darkness and the darkness could not put it out. Redeemer, Savior! Messiah, Lord! His name, Jesus. This is the story of the birth of the Prince of Peace.”

On the evening of Thursday, December 6, all middle school and high school choirs joined together to present a Christmas cantata titled And On Earth Peace by R. Vader, J. Rouse, and R. Aspinall. The choirs performed under the direction of Mrs. Sarah Lee and were accompanied by the high school orchestra.

Choir Christmas Cantata

The wonderful performance brought to life the amazing moments when Jesus Christ took on flesh to be born in a manger, and his coming brought the fulfillment of scripture to pass. The cantata featured creatively arranged Christmas carols, poetic narration, and the message of the Good News. It was an evening of beautiful music that celebrated the true meaning of Christmas.

To view the cantata, click here.

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