Week Without Walls Program Takes 8th Graders to Jeju Island

By Bonnie Rieke Nov 20, 2019

Each year, our middle school students participate in the Week Without Walls program, which is designed to give students the opportunity to engage in experiential learning. Our 8th grade students and teachers traveled to Jeju from November 4-8 to participate in activities designed to explore culture, promote character and leadership, as well as outdoor and service-learning. 

As soon as our 8th graders landed in Jeju, they headed promptly to their first destination, the Majanggul Lava Tube. They trekked down into Asia’s longest lava tube and explored the various rock formations. Later in the evening, they competed to see who could find the exit first in the labyrinth at Mazeland. The students all had fun vying for the prize. 

8th Grade Week Without Walls

Day two was packed with new sights and experiences! The students started off the day learning how to make green tea and exploring the grounds of the largest temple in East Asia. Afterward, they walked through the exhibits at the aquarium and watched a show featuring sea lions and dolphins and wrapped up the evening with a hike up Sunrise Peak to savor the spectacular views from the top.

8th Week Without Walls
On day three, the students participated in many ocean-related activities: deep sea fishing, a coastal geology tour, and exploring an uninhabited island. The schedule was jam-packed with fun and ended with a meal of delicious black pork barbecue. 

8th Grade Week Without Walls

The energy acquired from the barbecue dinner was used the next day to conquer Hallasan and then harvest tangerines for a sweet and juicy reward. On our fifth and final day, the group participated in a service project that involved spending time with the elderly. Soon thereafter, our 8th grade students and teachers headed to the airport to fly back to Seoul.

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