Students Join ES Office and Library for the Day

By Kathy Falkner May 8, 2019
Principal for a Day

Four students recently redeemed the coveted prizes of Principal, Assistant Principals, and Librarian for the Day. The students won the prizes from a raffle drawing from Read-A-Thon. Heewon Y. (3A) was Principal, Ryan B. (5B) was Assistant Principal, Olivia K. (1D) was also an Assistant Principal, and Justin C. (5C) was Librarian for the Day.

Principal for a Day

The day started with the principals meeting with the headmaster, Mr. Kennedy, to receive their instructions and schedule for the day. The principals met as an administrative team and talked about the responsibilities of a principal and how they could make the day great for students. They delivered morning announcements, observed in classrooms, wrote encouraging messages to teachers, and passed out popsicle treats to students. The principals for the day agreed that their favorite part of the day was making announcements. They also said that the job was challenging because they had many responsibilities and had to walk around the building a lot.

Principal for a Day

The Librarian for the Day was also challenged to complete his responsibilities in the Elementary Library. Justin helped supervise a class of first graders as they completed an activity on their Chromebooks. He also assisted in helping the class check out books, put fiction books in alphabetical order, and reshelve books.

Librarian for a Day

The highlight of the day was a special lunch at Pipit Burger. Mr. Marshall, Ms. Falkner, Mrs. Kennedy, and the students enjoyed reflecting on the day over lunch. Overall, it was a fun and successful day for all of the participants.

Pipit Burger