Student Leaders Assess Strengths & Opportunities at ASCEND Summit

By Billy Fisher Nov 13, 2018
ASCEND Student Leadership Summit

“Wherever there is fear, there is opportunity,” said Darren Youngstrom, high school director at North Point Community Church in Atlanta, to the students gathered for the 3rd annual ASCEND Student Leadership Summit. Throughout the weekend of November 9-11, Darren unpacked leadership lessons for the attendees to help them grow as leaders by taking a look at how leaders view themselves, how leaders view others, how others view leaders, and how leaders view God. His lesson about fear and opportunity was a challenge to students to rise up and provide leadership to the spheres of influence at their school and to be problem solvers, not problem makers.

ACSEND Darren Youngstrom

ASCEND co-founders Eddie Lozano of GSIS and Billy Fisher of YISS led a session helping students in their school groups assess the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of their schools and provide leadership for bringing about change. YISS had five students and two adults attend the third summit. Students had the ability to network with students from three other schools in Korea and engage in a variety of activities and teaching to help them become better leaders who leave an impact on their communities.

ACSEND Strengths & Opportunities