Korean Language Students Immerse in ReadingOcean

By Jean Myung Ahn Jan 27, 2021

This winter, the Korean language classes in all divisions implemented a new online reading program called 리딩오션 (ReadingOcean) to further the education for advanced and Heritage Korean language students (those who are from Korean-speaking families).

About 200 students at YISS have benefited from the use of this program already. The program provides students with level-appropriate books after assessing their reading ability. Students have access to over 300 ebooks with diverse genres. The award-winning books are curated and recommended by the SMOE, GOE, and other education organizations. There are also post-reading activities such as quizzes, puzzles, writing prompts, and more to fully engage students with the story and help them think about it in a deeper way. 

We are excited that our students can participate in this reading experience with diverse types of Korean books both at school and at home, especially in the time of the pandemic.

Special thanks to our curriculum coordinator, Mr. Southard, and our division principals for helping to attain and carry out this beneficial program!