High School Career Day Examines the Future of Work

By Dr. Dave Baniszewski Apr 30, 2019
Career Day 2019

One of the goals in high school at YISS is to guide students in their personal development, not just their academic achievement. One of the areas targeted in that development is an awareness of careers and vocations. To address that need, each year, YISS offers a Career Day organized by the high school administration and the YISS PTO, during which students have the chance to hear from experienced professionals across various industries, ask questions, and reflect on what they had learned.

This year's event took place on Thursday, April 25, and the theme was "The Future of Work." In an ever-changing world, future career paths may look quite different from those of previous generations. Studies show how many activities that workers do today have the potential to be automated. Technology is also changing and expanding the way people look for work and companies identify and recruit talent. Entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals are increasingly choosing to offer their services on digital platforms and, in the process, challenging conventional ideas about jobs and careers.

Career Day 2019

The morning began with a discussion focusing on this theme by a keynote panel consisting of Mr. Hanjoo Lee from Sparklab/Hostway, Dr. Youree Lee from Hanyang University and the W-Foundation, and Mr. Michael Choe from Amazon Web Services. HS Chaplain Billy Fisher served as the moderator. The presentation and discussion among the panelists were enlightening as the speakers laid out options and opportunities that students could pursue in their career journeys. Click here to view the video of the Opening Assembly.

After the keynote, students attended two workshops based on their interests. Over 20 presenters offered their perspectives on the future of work from industries such as business, counseling, engineering, fashion, foreign service, IT, medicine, and more. The students were privileged to hear from professionals representing global companies while also learning from entrepreneurs who had started their own companies.

Career Day 2019

Following the two workshops, students reconvened in their homerooms to debrief and process all the information they had taken in that morning. After lunch, the 9th to 11th grade students gathered in the auditorium to review the Maia Learning program that the guidance department will be using to support the college guidance/ application process. Meanwhile, seniors met in the Secondary Media Center to hear from a panel of five YISS alumni who shared both about their college and work experiences.

Career Day 2019

Click here to view photos of Career Day 2019.

YISS would like to thank Career Day Co-Chairs Betty Chung and Bethany Dawson, Principal Dr. Dave Baniszewski, and PTO HS Vice Presidents Ting Ting Chen and Ryanghee Kim, as well as all of the presenters who took time out of their day to enlighten our students.

Mr. Michael Manni

SK Telecom

Aviation / Military

Mr. John Hanjoo Lee

Hostway / Sparklabs

Business Management

Ms. Gloria Lee

Wantedlab Inc.

Business Management

Mr. HD Dougherty

Thomas J Davic Inc.

Business Management

Mr. Jefferson Hammann

Coupang LLC

Business Management

Mr. Robert Koehler

Author / Editor

Communications / Media

Mr. John Lee

Google Korea

Computer Science / IT

Mr. Michael Choe

Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Ms. Michelle Park

PiPELINE Education

Counseling / Psychology

Mr. Ryan Lee

Hub Investment Management

Economics / Finance

Ms. Hyoeun Jenny Kim

Global Green Growth Institute

Environmental Sciences

Ms. Debbie Yoon

Andy and Debb


Mr. Patrick Yoon

Visa Korea and Mongolia

Finance / IT

Ms. Myung-hee Yoo

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

Foreign Service / Government

Dr. Alice Tan

Samsung Medical Center

Medical / Healthcare

Dr. Sunghee Ahn

Former Medical Oncologist

Medical / Healthcare

Dr. Sanghoon Lee


Natural Sciences

Dr. Sarah Son

Transitional Justice Working Group


Dr. Youree Lee

Hanyang University / W-Foundation


Mr. George Kim

Music Producer / Musician

Performing Arts

Ms. Yeirang Esther Lee

Leeco Sports Management

Sports Industry

Ms. Sera Kang


Visual Arts

Mr. James Ellis


Visual Arts

Career Day 2019