Award-winning Author Nancy Pearcey Trains YISS Staff

By Stephanie Vachon Aug 26, 2018
Nancy Pearcey

“America’s preeminent evangelical Protestant female intellectual” (The Economist) graciously accepted the invitation to lead a day of professional development for YISS faculty and staff. On August 15, Korea’s National Liberation Day, YISS teachers were treated to a day of learning at the helm of Professor Nancy Pearcey of Houston Baptist University, where she is a professor of apologetics and scholar in residence. Pearcey is the author of several award-winning books and has addressed leading actors, politicians, scientists, and other intellectuals around the world.

Pearcey presented four sessions, and each was based on one of her books. Topics included teaching students to overcome the sacred/secular divide to think and live with integrity, teaching integrated curricula, equipping students to evaluate worldviews, and teaching students to think deeply about controversial issues. Throughout her presentations, Pearcey identified the impact of different philosophies and worldviews on modern society, while explaining how Christianity offers a worldview that protects and cares for all humanity holistically.

After each of Pearcey’s presentations, YISS faculty and staff were given the opportunity to ask questions and delve further into topics that were of interest. Through her presentations, it was evident that Pearcey is highly intelligent, well-read, and passionate about helping others consider the impact of their worldviews on both individuals and society as well as understanding the caring and compassionate worldview Christianity offers. Teachers walked away from the day equipped to engage in meaningful conversations with their students and to help them become critical thinkers in order to be able to dissect their own worldviews and societal issues that will inevitably confront them.

When the day of formal presentations at YISS had ended, Pearcey joined a group of faculty and staff for dinner and dialogue. YISS thanks Nancy Pearcey for taking the time out of her busy schedule to share her expertise with us, and we look forward to implementing what was learned in our classrooms.

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