8th Graders Create Connections with Their Photos

By Cathleen Carpenter Oct 21, 2020

Photographs help to tell a story, sell a product, and make memories with your friends and family. So who wouldn’t want a student who can take a good shot?

The ability to go beyond taking pictures and onto creating photographs that ask the viewer to connect them to their own lives is the challenge this year for the 8th-grade photography students. Each week, the students learn different aspects of photographic design that they then have to apply in a Weekly Photo Challenge where they are given a topic or theme and they have to create a photograph that best represents that idea. Themes have included love, fear, adventure, and happiness.

Every cover of National Geographic, every news story, and every advertisement for Hyundai has an eye-catching photograph. Why can’t it be your student’s?

Theme: Love - Isabella S. - “Love is Friendship”

Claire A. - Love isn’t just for people. “Puppy Love”.

Carsten H. - “Put on Your Adventure Hat”

Alexis K. - “Adventure is There in Every Direction”

Colin C. - Fear is All in the Perspective - “Afraid of Your Own Shadow?”

Ellie S. - Fear on another level - “Disconnected and Alone”

Students have had fun being creative and thinking outside of the box to see photography in different ways. It is amazing how many letters you can find around you if you just look!

Abby K.

Casten H.

Now, if you are looking for a story, photographs are what you need! Students had to create a story of their choice and sequence them using different angles and perspectives.

Not only students have to go to virtual school! - Abby K. 

A Day in the Life of Me - Catherine K.