8th Graders Create 3D-Printed Objects with Form and Function

By Amy Flores Jan 20, 2021

During Semester 1 of Art 8, the 8th graders studied 3-D design using the web-based program, TinkerCAD. Students met the standard of using the creative process to plan, organize, and problem solve by designing a useful object for their desk. Their design challenge was to create a stationery item that has both form and function. Applying the elements and principles of design, students created an object that was aesthetically pleasing from multiple perspectives. They also spent time carefully measuring items, such as the diameter of a pencil, to ensure that their final print served its intended purpose. 

The photos below show the student-made CAD design side-by-side with their printed product.

These 8th-grade students created exemplary work to solve their design challenges. Through the process of creating their designs, they used space well and found creative ways to hold stationery supplies!