6th Graders Offer Creative Solutions to Trash Crisis

By Charissa Stair Oct 26, 2018
6th Grade Pop Science Fair

Trash is a growing concern and a major topic of discussion today. News reports have targeted the implications for trade and economies, the growing concern of micro-plastics in the ocean, and the health concerns caused by overflowing landfills. Multiply the growing population of Earth by how much trash each person generates daily, and suddenly the challenges can seem overwhelming.

6th Grade Pop Science Fair

The 6th grade Pop Science class tackled the trash crisis head-on in their Trash Solutions Project Fair. Each student researched the growing trash crisis. They learned how they contribute to the problem and also how they could make a difference. Student projects included flowerpots and pencil cases made from old water bottles, as well as shopping bags/computer bags made from old clothes. Other YISS students and staff were invited to come learn about the problems everyone faces regarding trash and how creativity and innovation are being used to find solutions.