MS CARES About Culture and New Experiences

By Susan Sevey May 13, 2021

During MS CARES week, students engage in activities focused on Culture, Awareness, Recreation, Experience, and Service.

Leading Universities Around the World Admit Class of 2021

By Joon Myong and Rachel Dooley Apr 8, 2021

Students in the YISS Class of 2021 have been admitted into many top universities and colleges.

Spanish Embraces Kinesthetic Learning and Creativity

By Bonnie Bae Apr 5, 2021

Spanish classes delve into projects that utilize their creativity and physical movement.

Fourth Grade Learns S’more About Energy Transfer

Mar 22, 2021

Fourth-grade students create homemade cookers to study solar energy transfer.

100 Days and Counting in Kindergarten

By Andrea Downie Feb 9, 2021

The kindergarten classes celebrate the 100th day of the school year on February 2.

Korean Language Students Immerse in ReadingOcean

By Jean Myung Ahn Jan 27, 2021

Across all divisions, Korean language students participate in a new reading program.

8th Graders Create 3D-Printed Objects with Form and Function

By Amy Flores Jan 20, 2021

The 8th-grade art students plan and print useful objects for their desks.

Universities Offer Early Acceptances to Class of 2021

By Joon Myong and Rachel Dooley Jan 11, 2021

Students in the YISS Class of 2021 have been admitted to many leading colleges and universities around the world.

Student Compositions Show Deep Music Theory Knowledge

By Brittany Ludwig Dec 16, 2020

High school and 6th-grade band students go above and beyond in creating original compositions.

Hour of Code 2020 Brings Themed Challenges and Prizes

By Glenn Crane Dec 16, 2020

386 students develop their coding abilities and enter to win raffle prizes.

8th Grade Drama Students Perform Original Scenes

By Cathleen Carpenter Dec 9, 2020

Mrs. Carpenter’s 8th-grade drama class presents “The Untalented, Somewhat Talented, We Got Talent Talent Show.”

ES Art Colors the Hallways with New Displays

By Samantha Jones Dec 7, 2020

Elementary art classes study simplicity, printmaking, and various styles to create original pieces.