Spiritual & Character Education

With a diverse community of families from over fifty countries, we emphasize both spiritual and character education in our classrooms, chapels and assemblies, at special events, and through service learning opportunities.

High School Programs


The NICS program provides opportunities for character and spiritual growth. Our hope is that students deepen their understanding of the gospel message, are encouraged to live a life of worship, and embrace what it means to know Christ and make Him known.


Oasis is a community where faculty and students seek to imagine what a life of character and service to others looks like. Together, we create an environment in which we can challenge one another to pursue such a life with passion and integrity.

Academic Classes


Throughout high school, students take a variety of Bible courses in order to understand topics such as God’s attributes, God’s purpose for creation and humanity, the person of Christ and redemption in Him, how to defend the Christian faith, and Biblical worldview.

TEV (Oasis)

Students have opportunity to take courses in the areas of logic, world religions, and philosophy in order to develop their understanding of the world, the ethics and values that form true character, and what it means to be responsible citizens.

Weekly Seminars


Weekly chapel services provide the high school with an opportunity to worship God through music and the message of Scripture. The student praise band leads chapel worship through song, and the high school chaplain or guest speakers present a message from the Bible.


Each week, the Oasis leader or a guest speaker invites the Ossembly to confront one aspect of a life of character and integrity. The goal is to be equipped to make a lasting impact on the world by serving people with compassionate hearts and practical wisdom.

Emphasis Week

Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW)

SEW, a weeklong event each January, allows for extended chapel times each day in order to be challenged with the gospel and what it means to walk and live by faith in Christ. Guest speakers and musicians are brought in to share sermons and lead worship.

Special Emphasis Week (SEW)

Each year in January, Ossembly takes a week to focus on a theme. In 2016, the theme was "Beauty Will Save the World." 2017's focus was poetry and humor. In 2018, singer-songwriter and speaker Justin McRoberts encouraged everyone to live lives that are "all in."

Student Clubs

Praise Band

Students on the praise band choose, practice, and play worship songs each week for chapel. They also learn to communicate with the sound engineer. Discipleship meetings are held weekly, giving students further opportunities to connect with God and each other.


Discipleship groups study God’s Word, ask questions, wrestle with matters of faith, and develop a stronger prayer life. There are a variety of faculty-led small groups that students can join. These groups are typically formed based on gender and grade level.

Special Events

Worship Nights

Throughout the year, worship nights are held to provide opportunities to gather as a community and worship in a smaller environment. These nights incorporate elements of music, prayer, Scripture, and a message to encourage spiritual development.

Service Learning

Guardians Outreach Education & Service (GOES)

The GOES program provides both NICS and Oasis students with multiple opportunities to serve throughout Asia over Spring Break. The hope is that understanding and empathy grow naturally from face-to-face engagement with other cultures and peoples.

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