HS Retreat Day

Aug 27, 2018 - Aug 28, 2018
High School

Students in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade will have the opportunity to participate in a one day retreat with others in their grade. Students will not attend classes, but instead will spend the day off campus together with their class sponsors. The objectives of these class retreats are:

- To provide an atmosphere where students can fellowship and bond with other students of their grade in a casual environment.

- To provide the opportunity for students and teachers to interact informally with each other in an effort to build bridges between the two.

- To provide the opportunity for teachers to mentor students and the class as a whole.

- To provide students with the opportunity to get away and do personal reflection for their own personal growth.

- To build excitement for the coming year and defining purposeful class goals for the year.

- To create positive feelings toward school through fun and encouraging experience by participation in a variety of activities.

For more information, contact the HS Office at hsoffice@yisseoul.org