Navigating Your Future Workshop- Day 2

Aug 15, 2017
High School

Navigating Your Future: Planning for College and Beyond Workshop

Have you ever been asked what you want to be when you grow up or what you plan to study in college? These are tough questions. Participate in a special two-day workshop for rising juniors, seniors, and recent alumni to help you answer these. Spaces are limited to the first 20 students.

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The challenges facing today’s students are daunting. Given the realities of our global economy in which change and competition are constant, many employers struggle to address the very real gap between the typical student and what is required in today’s agile workplaces. To successfully bridge this gap, it is paramount for students to define their own aspirations, to understand their strengths and preferences, and to learn skills that employers want such as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership.

This workshop will help your child to begin thinking about self, potential career choices, and the skills required to succeed. Participants will engage in self-reflective and interactive exercises for introspection (What is important to me?), assessment (What are my strengths? What do I prefer?), and skill development (How to work in teams? How to think critically?). In addition, participants will learn about a vast world of career possibilities as well as identify and experience some of the key traits/skills required to successfully pursue what interests them. All of these exercises will generate written outputs that can be reviewed, shared, and discussed with friends and family in order to deepen their learning.

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