Spiritual & Character Education

With students from over 50 different countries, YISS emphasizes the importance of spiritual and character education for our diverse community.

Spiritual development involves the deepening of students’ knowledge of and relationships with God, while character development involves examining ideal character traits and learning how to practically live as people of character. Spiritual and character development can be experienced in classrooms, chapel services and assemblies, service learning opportunities, and more.

Academic Classes


NICS students take biblical education as a core subject. The curriculum consists of both a Bible survey and a worldview component. The Bible survey begins in 1st Grade with the Creation account in Genesis and ends with the life and ministry of Christ in 5th Grade.


Oasis students take character education as a core subject. The curriculum includes a study of 42 character traits that are foundational qualities. Students also become familiar with historical figures who demonstrated different character traits through their lives.

Weekly Seminars


Chapels occur weekly with all NICS program students. Through fun songs, skits, Bible memory verses, and stories, students grow in their knowledge and love for God as they discover more about God and learn what it means to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.


Oasis Assemblies take place with all Oasis program students, hosting speakers and activities to engage students and equip them with lifelong skills. Through songs, skits, videos, and team activities, we grow in our understanding of character qualities together.

Emphasis Week

Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW)

Elementary students look forward to SEW as they focus on a particular theme throughout the week. Students enjoy being entertained by guest comedians, puppeteers, and scientists as well as growing in their faith and learning what it means to know and follow God.

Special Emphasis Week (SEW)

Each year, guests speak to the elementary students in fun and engaging ways about character qualities such as humility and responsibility. In the past, comedians, puppeteers, and scientists have shared how to become people of great character with our students.

Year End Activities

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

At the end of each school year, the elementary school devotes a few days to finish the school year in a positive way. Songs, skits, crafts, and games are used to teach and emphasize biblical truths and reminders for our students before wrapping up the year.

Values-Based School (VBS)

Near the end of the school year, the elementary school organizes a few days to finish our school year with a positive message. Songs, skits, crafts, and games are used to reinforce the character values we hope for our students to have as we end the school year.

After School Activities


Discipleship meetings are where students can study the Bible and gain a greater understanding of what it means to be followers of Christ. The faculty-led groups are part of the After School Activities program and are divided by gender and grade level.