Headmaster's Welcome

Welcome to the community here at Yongsan International School of Seoul. Our passion is working with families and children to assure that our world is positively impacted by our graduates. We accomplish this passion in several ways.

First - we assure that the teachers placed before your children in the classroom, on the playground, in the lunchroom, and throughout the school possess the character and qualities necessary to teach and work with children. Our faculty members are licensed teachers with the exemplary skills, qualifications, and experience required to teach your children well. They see value and worth in each child and consider it a privilege to partner with you in helping to meet your child's various needs – intellectual, social, spiritual and physical – and are passionate about your child reaching his/her potential both as a student and an individual.

Second - our mission statement reflects the importance we place on the values of truth, excellence, and diversity. We believe that unexamined information can lead to misconceptions about truth. Our faculty members come to us with a biblical worldview reflecting what they personally and philosophically embrace themselves. They, in turn, encourage students to evaluate ideas, facts, and events in light of what is true in order to develop a worldview that enables them to know truth – both internally and through personal experience and inquiry.

We value excellence, which drives us to make sure that we do all things well. Students who attend YISS receive an education that enables them to analyze, critique, explore, explain, and defend ideas, thoughts, and values from around the world. We seek to offer a truly international experience where students are encouraged to commit to excellence in all they do.

An appreciation of diversity assures that YISS enrolls students with a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds. This diversity also enables each of us to dialogue and share about our differences concerning personal beliefs and values concerning who we are and how we are expected to live. Despite these differences, our students are challenged to value the beauty and fullness that such diversity brings.

Last - YISS is a loving, caring community that allows parents and students to become a part of something bigger than themselves. Our PTO, service learning projects, athletic and extracurricular programs, and classroom interactions reflect the importance of love and concern for others.

We hope you will explore and discover for yourself why we believe YISS is an exceptional place for your child to receive an outstanding education that enables him/her to become a global citizen who values truth, excellence and diversity.

Yours in Him,

Ray Johnson