Athletics are an integral part of the educational experience at YISS. By participating in our sports programs, students are able to strengthen skills, commitment, and discipline. Students also learn teamwork, compromise, and understanding by working together, leading to future success in all aspects of life.

High School

The high school athletics program aims to develop integrity and instill a passion for excellence in our athletes, who compete both locally in Korea and internationally across Asia, on 20 teams across eight sports. Athletics teach students discipline, teamwork, leadership, and other lessons that are essential for life.

High School Athletics
Middle School

The middle school athletics program includes both competitive teams who represent YISS against other schools and intramural sports for those who love to play but not necessarily compete at an intense level. Through both paths, students are able to increase their skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship in a number of different sports.

Middle School Athletics
Elementary School

The elementary athletics program consists of basketball, soccer, and swim teams who represent YISS against other schools. Students are able to develop essential motor and social skills through the program, while also building strong foundations in their respective sports, having fun, and experiencing a healthy level of competition.

Elementary School Athletics