Explore interests.
Expand learning.


YISS offers a variety of activities to pique students’ interests, develop skills, and extend learning beyond the classroom walls. We believe students who are well-rounded are better prepared for success in the future; thus, our students are offered multiple avenues to shine.

Elementary School

Over 30 after school activities ranging from art and music to sports and games are offered each trimester to appeal to a variety of student interests. These activities give our elementary students the opportunity to learn something new or sharpen skills, while developing new friendships and having fun.

After School Activities
Middle School

Middle school is a time when students discover more about themselves and their interests; thus, we offer a wide variety of clubs during school as well as after school activities to help them explore these interests. These programs also allow students to deepen relationships with peers and teachers during this critical developmental period.

Clubs & Activities
High School

Clubs allow students to broaden or deepen their interests, contribute to society, develop friendships, and acquire leadership skills. Our high school offers a robust array of over 50 clubs, including administrative clubs and honor societies for our student leaders. In essence, there is a club for everyone.

Clubs & Societies