Yongsan International School of Seoul is a community of students, parents, and Christian educators working together to instill in each student a passion for truth, a commitment to excellence, and an appreciation for diversity.


YISS graduates are truth-seeking leaders who are creative, collaborative, compassionate, and committed to impacting the world with servants’ hearts.



Education exists for the purpose of understanding truth as revealed in every sphere of life. Truth forms the foundation of reality on which all sound ideals must be constructed. A quality education inspires students toward a lifelong pursuit of truth and equips them to continue exploring the world, seeking to understand and apply the truth displayed therein.


The display of excellence demonstrates truth and virtue through effort. Excellence demands a vigorous commitment to fulfilling every task in such a way as to clearly exhibit its worth. We believe that education is worthy of our commitment to excellence, and we aim to assist students in developing personal commitments to excellence for both present and future endeavors.


The presence of diversity challenges our assumptions and adds beauty to the world. As we learn to respect the unique qualities of others, we are encouraged to step outside of our safe havens, thoughtfully critique our own biases, and understand a more complete picture of truth. We are committed to fostering an environment in which students enjoy the beauty of diversity.