The Guardian Way

The Guardian Way is an honor code designed to:

  • provide a social contract based on the ideals of Truth, Excellence, and Diversity.
  • establish a foundation for students to learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • help build a school community of young men and women who are committed to moral and academic integrity.
  • develop the character of students who will make an impact on their surroundings well beyond their time at YISS.
  • help students take responsibility for their own behavior and learn to solve problems independently.

As a Guardian, I will seek TRUTH by:

  • being reflective.
  • persevering to learn.
  • speaking truthfully to others.
  • doing what is right even when no one is watching.
  • informing teachers or administrators when there is a problem or others need assistance.

As a Guardian, I will strive for EXCELLENCE by:

  • being responsible.
  • doing the best I can on any task set before me: mental, physical, spiritual, or social.
  • respecting and following the rules and policies established by the teachers and administration.
  • using words that build others up and help create a positive community.
  • treating the school’s materials and facilities with respect and care.
  • practicing patience, kindness, graciousness, and self-control in my speech and behavior.

As a Guardian, I will support DIVERSITY by:

  • being respectful.
  • speaking kindly to others in and out of class.
  • believing the best about others and trying not to take offense.
  • treating others with respect and dignity at all times, even those who are different from me.
  • standing up for others when I see them being mistreated.