Yongsan International School of Seoul exists under the authority of two governing boards, the Korea Foreign Schools Foundation (KFSF) and the Network of International Christian Schools​ (NICS).


The KFSF is a non-profit entity with representatives from Korean government agencies and various business organizations. The KFSF is charged with attracting foreign investment to Korea through the construction of international school campuses.​ The KFSF is the owner of the YISS facilities and approves the financial operations of the school.


NICS is a worldwide network of international Christian schools. Operations and policies are implemented at the local school level by the Headmaster, who reports to designated officers and the NICS Board of Directors. The structure provides accountability and adherence to the organizational mission, while providing freedom to lead the school.

Business operations are directed by the Chief Financial Officer, under supervision of the Headmaster. All business transactions are conducted in accordance with the highest accounting and reporting standards. The finances and operations of YISS are subject to an annual independent audit, and the school retains counsel to assist in legal matters.


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