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We are excited about your interest in working at Yongsan International School of Seoul, a community of students, parents, and Christian educators. YISS is a member of the Network of International Christian Schools, which operates over a dozen international schools worldwide.

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FAQs - Employment
Expected Qualifications For YISS Staff

Mission Statement 

Yongsan International School of Seoul is a community of students, parents, and Christian educators working together to instill in each student a passion for truth, a commitment to excellence, and an appreciation for diversity. 

Each position at YISS has its own set of qualifications.

The following general guidelines apply to all candidates seeking employment: 

  • A background of successful teaching or relevant background and experience, as verified by references, in a​ Western school setting, at the specific grade level or subject area of our vacancy 
  • An active and growing Christian faith 
  • Willingness to contribute to the co-curricular programs at YISS 
  • Evidence of communication skills that demonstrate professionalism 
  • Experience integrating technology in the classroom 
  • Experience integrating a Biblical worldview in the classroom 
  • Minimum of two years of full-time teaching experience in an accredited school (international school or overseas experience is an advantage) 
  • Ability to establish collaborative relationships with all staff, students and parents 
  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree with a valid, current teacher certification/license. This degree must be from an accredited university. 
  • All employees will undergo a criminal background check of their past. To obtain a work permit in Korea no offense may appear on a candidate’s background check. 

YISS considers candidates in various family circumstances: singles, couples and families with children. Questions regarding qualifications can be addressed to

Hiring Process


Yongsan International School of Seoul (YISS) believes that hiring qualified individuals to fill positions contributes to its overall strategic success. Each employee is hired to make significant contributions based on the mission and vision of YISS. In hiring the most qualified candidates for positions, the following process is followed.

Hiring Process and Procedures 

YISS is a member of the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS). All applicants for YISS must apply through NICS. Each prospective candidate is encouraged to: 

  1. Learn about the Christian aspect of our school through the NICS Mission and Purpose Statement.
  2. Review our Current Openings by selecting Yongsan International School.
  3. To formally apply, ensure you meet these minimum teaching requirements:
    • a degree and valid teaching credential in your subject area
    • two years of successful teaching experience in a Western school setting, at the specific grade level or subject area of our vacancy
    • a personal Christian faith
    • familiarity with current teaching materials and methodologies, as well as evidence of recent professional development
  4. Register and complete an Online Application through NICS. The application, including your résumé and faith statement, allows our administrators to identify qualified candidates for openings at the school.
    • Indicate on the application that Seoul is your first priority for placement.
  5. After completing the Online Application on the NICS website, please send an email to, with your résumé attached, indicating your application has been submitted.
  6. All candidates approved with NICS and recommended by YISS administration will be contacted to schedule a formal interview.
    • Interviews may be in-person, at a job fair, or by video conference.
    • Each candidate is interviewed by the divisional principal/supervisor according to subject area/position
    • Based upon a divisional principal/supervisor’s recommendation to hire, each candidate has a follow-up interview with the headmaster for final approval
    • Based upon final approval to hire, candidate is sent an official offer of employment to include information regarding salary and benefits.

YISS does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, and disability and strictly adheres to the laws and regulations governing the operation of international schools in the Republic of Korea.

Job Fairs

YISS administrators attend the following job fairs to meet with candidates for our available positions:

  • International School Services - Bangkok, Thailand: January 4-7, 2020 
  • Search Associates - Bangkok, Thailand: January 9-12, 2020
  • Search Associates – Cambridge, MA: January 24-27, 2020
  • University of Northern Iowa Overseas Recruiting Fair – Cedar Falls, IA: January 31-February 1, 2020
  • International School Services – New York City, NY: February 6-10, 2020

If you are in the area but are not attending the job fair, you may email the Headmaster about the possibility of arranging an interview.

Professional Development

In an effort to encourage self-reflection and self-improvement, YISS teachers and administrators are asked to set yearly professional goals and are supported with various professional development opportunities. Forms of professional development include:

  • Mentor teachers for new teachers
  • A rotation of faculty meetings
  • In-service days
  • Professional development & continuing education funds for conferences, workshops, courses, etc.
  • Digital citizenship and Google Educator courses