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Student Life Information

Below are areas of information pertaining to student life.

Bus Service

Bus Services

Yongsan International School of Seoul offers school bus transportation to assist parents with their child's transportation to and from school. Our fleet of 22 buses service a large region that includes nearly all major areas of Seoul and Bundang.

Our bus routes are designed to accommodate the transportation needs of our students as efficiently as possible. Seoul traffic patterns, safety concerns, and our desire to keep bus routes as short as possible sometimes make it difficult to arrange pick-up and drop-off directly in front of all residential complexes. The average time a student spends on the bus is 25-30 minutes.

Each bus is equipped with a cellular phone so that the driver can communicate with our Transportation Manager concerning road conditions, accidents, or detours at any time while en-route. Buses are also equipped with CCTV cameras.

Parents who would like to request bus transportation must complete and submit both the Bus Request Form and Bus Behavior Form to the Business Office. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children arrive promptly and safely to the bus stop in the morning and to home from the stop in the afternoon. Our drivers have been instructed not to release elementary students if a parent or guardian is not present. Those who wish to make special arrangements must contact the Elementary School Office.

Each year, bus routes change according to shifts in our student population. For bus transportation inquiries and information about specific bus routes, contact the school bus coordinator at (02)797-5104, ext. 430 or transportation@yisseoul.org. The coordinator is available between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Bus Request Form

Currently, YISS buses service the following areas:

Banpo, Jamwon
Cheongdam, Apgujeong
Daechi, Dogok
Dongbu Ichon-dong
Dongbinggo, Gyeongnidan
Hoehyeon, Itaewon
Ichon Station
Jamsil, Oksu
Mapo, Samgakji
Mokdong, Dangsan
Samseong, Cheongdam
Seongbuk, Jongno
US Embassy Housing
Yangjae, Seocho

Cafeteria Information

Cafeteria Information

The cafeteria at Yongsan International School of Seoul offers a choice of nutritious, well-balanced hot meals as well as a deli that supplies a variety of sandwiches, snacks, drinks and desserts.

Both a Korean set menu and Western set menu are prepared on-site each day and are made available at a competitive price. Each student is given an electronic lunch card that functions as a debit card at the cafeteria counter. Students who choose not to purchase a hot meal may bring their own lunch from home. Middle and high school students are welcome to supplement their meal with purchases from the deli.

View this month's lunch menu click here.

Guardian Store

Guardian Store

Located in the main lobby, the Guardian Store offers a convenient place for students and parents to purchase school uniform shirts, PE uniforms, sweatshirts, and school supplies.

View the Guardian Spirit Gear catalog

School supplies are listed below, by grade:

Kindergarten - School Supply List
Grade 1 - School Supply List
Grade 2 - School Supply List
Grade 3 - School Supply List
Grade 4 - School Supply List
Grade 5 - School Supply List
Middle School - School Supply List

High school students will receive a list of needed school supplies from their teachers on the first day of class.

The Guardian Store is operated as a service to our school community. If you have any questions about the Guardian Store, please contact the Business Office at (02)797-5104 or businessoffice@yisseoul.org.

HOURS of Operation

Monday - Friday, 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. - During the school year

Uniform Information

Uniform Information

Elementary Dress Code

Long or short-sleeved polo shirts in solid red, navy, gray, or white. No logos, writing, or other design elements are permitted.

Long-sleeve or vest-style sweaters in solid red, navy, gray, or white may be worn over the polo shirt. No logos, writing, or other design elements are permitted.

Pullover, zip-front, or button-front sweatshirts in solid red, navy, gray, or white may be worn over the polo shirt. No logos, writing, or other design elements are permitted (except for YISS sweatshirts). The YISS gray and navy hoodies may be worn until May 2017.

Long pants in solid khaki, navy, or black may be worn. Jean material, leggings, and athletic-style pants are not permitted.

Long shorts that are at least fingertip in length may be worn in solid khaki, navy, or black.

Skirts and skorts of uniform style that are at least fingertip in length may be worn in solid khaki, navy, or black provided that shorts or leggings are worn underneath.

Athletic shoes should be worn on PE days. Flip flops and Heelies are not permitted at school.

PE Uniforms
Students in 5th grade are required to change into the PE uniform for PE class. The PE uniform is available in the Guardian Store.

Click here to view images of our ES dress code.

Any questions? Contact the Elementary Office at elementary@yisseoul.org or (02)797-5104.

Middle School/High School Dress Code

The purpose of the YISS dress code is to enhance the positive learning environment by minimizing distractions and insuring modesty and comfort for all students. Students must be in proper dress code when they arrive to school and until the school day ends. All garments worn on school property must be tasteful and modest. The following dress code will be strictly enforced.


  • Polo shirts in solid navy, red, black, gray, or white may be worn.
  • The shirt may not be form fitting. It must be long enough so that skin is not visible when standing, sitting or bending, but not excessively long.
  • No stripes, lettering or logos of any size or type are allowed.
  • T-shirts or tanks worn under the polo should be solid navy, red, black, gray, or white.
  • Short and long-sleeved polo shirts are available in the Guardian Store.


  • Long school uniform-style pants in khaki, black, brown, navy, or gray may be worn.
  • Capri pants, Gaucho pants, sweatpants, skinny jean style or extremely casual styles may not be worn.
  • Blue jeans are not allowed.
  • Pants may not have pockets on the legs (i.e., cargo pants).
  • Pants may not have any visible logos, decorative stitching or designs.
  • Pants may not be excessively baggy or form fitting.
  • Pants may not have any holes or frays.

*If you have difficulty finding pants that meet these guidelines, please contact the business office for information about local retail outlets that have uniform-style pants that meet our dress code requirements.

Sweaters, Sweatshirts, and Jackets

  • Sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets in solid navy, red, burgundy, black, or gray and official school outerwear may be worn over the polo shirt. They may not have any visible logos, trim, decorative stitching, or zipper in a contrast color.
  • Hoodies (sweaters or sweatshirts with hoods) may not be worn.

General Rules

  • No hats or caps may be worn inside the building.
  • Male students are not permitted to wear earring(s) or any type of body piercing at school or at any school-sponsored activity. Female students are allowed to only wear earring(s) in the ears. No other type of body piercing is permitted on school property, or at any school-sponsored activity.
  • Hair streaking or extreme unnatural hair color is not permitted.
  • Male students are not permitted to have hair longer than the middle of the shirt collar or bottom of the ears. Hair may not be below the eyebrows.
  • Girls may wear dress sandals. Flip-flops, slippers, high heels are not permitted. If unsure whether a shoe is appropriate, the student should receive pre-approval from the principal before wearing it to school.

Physical Education Dress Code

All students taking PE are required to wear athletics shoes and the official YISS PE uniform. The PE uniform is available in the Guardian Store.

Click here to view images of our MS/HS dress code.

Any questions? Contact the Middle School Office at middleschool@yisseoul.org or the High School Office at highschool@yisseoul.org or (02)797-5104.

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